How I got here (Part I)

Part I

 Brief Intro

This is going to be the very first blog post I've ever written. Well at least when it comes to personal blogging. I did briefly keep up a sort of news/blogging site about videogames for a span of months circa 2007-2008. I'm not quite sure what these blog posts are going to be about yet. I have a few ideas already brainstormed. We shall see. I've spent a lot of timing thinking about what would be a good first post. Keep it simple I thought. So, here it is. A post about how I got to where I am now. See you on the other side!

Born in Spain

My story starts in Spain. More precisely it starts in Malaga, Andalucia. I was born in the Malaga Airport!.. if only! No seriously, this is what I believed and told everyone when I was younger. For some reason I had believed that I had been born in the actual airport (this I think is most likely because at that age I had travelled many times back and forth from that airport). When my mother found out she she was pretty amused by all of this, however she quickly rectified what I had believed to be the truth. I had been born at a hospital in Malaga. Ah well. It was fun whilst it lasted! Naturally I have no recollection or memories of this time (if I did, I think the scientific community would have a great interest in me).    

Moving to France

Here is where my memories start coming back. These first few years in France were fantastic. It's where I remember my very first Christmas, where I got taught how to ride a bike, where I gathered my first tadpoles on a kindergarden expedition and even where I saved my grand mothers thatched cottage form burning down. Living in the country side in a beautiful cottage really brought out the adventurous nature that I had within me. I spent so much time walking and riding my bicycle around the house, along the country roads and the nearby forest. 

Years 3-7.png

Living in London

London, oh London. I don't quite remember what the experience of moving from France to England was like. I do however remember the first school I went to and the first apartment we lived in. It was a fascinating city London. My fondest memories by far are those of the lush green parks that London has to offer, that and the science museum. I loved the science museum. These years were crucial to my technogical development. It was thanks to my father. He had really gotten into computers. He liked to tinker with them, and I ofcourse was facinated by them. He had identified that computing would be a huge thing in the future. He was correct. Thanks to this fascination with computers and his foresight into where the world was going, I at the age of 4 was extremely fortunate to have my own personal computer put together by my him. Admitidly that computer was mostly used for MS-DOS games. 

Off to Spain again

And back to Spain I go. Again, I have no memories of what moving to Spain from England was like. Here is where I had to learn Spanish. I briefly remember studying it at school (Sotogrande International School). Where I really got my Spanish however was by sheer need. Where I lived all the children were, surprise! Spanish, so naturally if I wanted to play with them I had to communicate somehow and simple gestures could only get me so far.

On the technilogical side here were some interesting beginnings. Starting with school at every opportunity I'd hang out in the library. Why? Because this was where the computers were! I have fond memories of playing Neopets (no shame!). This happened for the earlier years on the old school campus. The construction of a new campus coincided with me getting to a good age to start delving deeper into computing. A whole new shiney prestine campus in the middle of a forest. What else did it have? You might have guessed it. A brand new computer room with brand new computers (far better than the computer I had at home!). So of course, I spent as much time as humanely possible there. As luck would have it my mother had to work several hours after the end of classes. This meant that I would normally be able to stay at the school for a couple extra hours. Where would I be? In that computer room! As I spent so much time there I got to know the IT admins running the show. I remember playing counter strike and just generally hanging out with the older kids (this school also offered boarding) messing around on those computers. What was the highlight of these years? Learning how to mess around in MS-DOS and do things like _net send_ messages to peoples screens. Snooping around on the school network to find hidden places where the admins kept their game installs. I also took a lot of pride in computer class as being the one "who knew it all". I loved those computers classes.

The best memories related to computers at home were the insane song and dance I had to do to get connected onto the internet every evening. At our house we had dial-up, oh dial-up how I do not miss those whimsical sounds.

Back to England but this time somewhere different!

Back to England I go! This time however instead of living in a bustling city like London I instead went to go live in a miniscule little hamlet in Wiltshire. 

I went to school at St Johns Marlborough. This school has some great facilities as far as tech goes. I remember doing a year of electronics (I ended up building a Balsawood hovercraft repurposing a CPU fan cooler). It was the first place I came in contact with a Macintosh. The education white iMac. There were only 6 in 1 tiny room on the last floor. They were specifically used for Media Studies. I've got fond memories of being bewildered trying to figure out this whole new OS. It was beautiful. Once again I became the "kid who knows the most" when it came to IT in my class. There were times when the IT teacher would ask me to help problem solve issues. The funny thing is I ended up not getting good grades in that class, I was so bored with what was taught (basic Microsoft Office skills) that I decided to skip going to the classes. 

At home I was now spreading my wings. I was now able to put together my first computer following instructions from my father. I mostly used Windows but for a period of several months I decided to play around with Linux. Installed various distros and had fun trying to get all the things to work. Websites, yep, this time period was when I really wanted to become a web developer. I toyed around with Microsoft Front Page (shudders) and Dreamweaver. I even created a website dedicated to the love of flying Gliders. I was so proud of that site. It was small but it meant a lot to me!

Going to college. I had decided that I didn't want to persue the then traditional path of going from GCSE's to A-Levels. So instead I found a course at New College in Swindon. The course was called BTEC I.T. General Practioners. Here is where I really started to get my teeth into computing. I learnt all about how they work, what binary was and even learnt some basic programming using VB.NET. Unfortunately it was a 2 year course and due to personal circumstances I quit after 1 year. This year studying programming cemented the idea in my head that at some point in the future I really wanted to get into this world as a career path.